Mittwoch, 10. September 2014

The truth is on the table


This evening I am booked on a flight to Denmark, to meet up some of my war gaming friends. We will stay together until Saturday evening and I´m looking forward for some real fun. Theme would be northern Europe in 1944. Usually my friends will come along with vast plastic armies; Don´t have anything to compare in size but thought to have two small task forces from each side with me. Both “battle-groups” are quite mobile and will do a good job in skirmishing, scouting and holding positions to some degree.

Just before leaving to airport I will share some images of my little battle groups.

My German “Kampfgruppe” was build around a half-track and a “Beute” Universal carrier; both from PSC. As mentioned in an earlier post the Sd.Kfz 251/22 receive its main gun from a (Roden) spare part; while Universal Carrier got its upgrade from the Sd.Kfz 251 of PSC.
Both vehicles come along with six Infantrymen, all from Company Italeri. YES they are Paratroopers but I painted them in the Luftwaffe Field Style. A Sniper, a mortar men, a machine gun…. Guess they could deliver some punch.

The British force is build around two Staghounds and two Lloyd Carriers (PSC). The Staghounds are from Company Cromwell, quite straightforward builds. The Lloyds will run in the Infantry carrying role; most prominent is the Lloyd carrier with Sergeant Nigel O´Hara and Lt. Richard Todd. Beware: These guys don´t have the recently found Panzerschreck for decoration.
The vehicles are accompanied by a small group of grimy berserks. These men are from PSC and Company Caesar. Would say the fit together quite good.


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