Dienstag, 23. September 2014

Fun with Dunkel-Gelb


during the years I painted most of my German vehicles in a desert yellow tone. I was always quite pleased to work with Tamiya or Vallejo acrylics in combination with an airbrush.

During my wargaming trip to Danmark I noticed that most of my friends have givn´away their airbrush equipment in exchange to quite simple spray cans. These guys achieve excellent results with "Army Sprays" from PSC plus a chipping medium from company Citadel plus a decent water mixed wash from Vallejo. Quite simple, quite fast and quite convincing.

Back at my homeplace I thought to give this simplified technique a chance. I orderd a spray in "Dunkel-Gelb" a wash for dark yellow and a chipping medium for all the corners and edges of my vehicles.

I tried this technique on a "Puma" from Hasegawa and a Dragon scout car. Dunkel-Gelb is quite on the "green-side" of live but I found the results extrem interesting and worth a try. I like to share some of the results here.

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  1. Superb work!

    I found 'Dunkel-Gelb' difficult because opinions about what it was seems to vary so much. It's the German equivalent of 'Olive Drab' - everyone has their opinion on exactly what that should be. I wonder if - like Olive Drab - that in reality the colour actually varied and changed depending on paint supplies? The Dunkel-Gelb I've just done on the German army truck I've done is more yellow than green but that's because I just happened to have a can of 'Dark Sand' to hand!