Freitag, 22. August 2014



I am joining another competition in the wargamers "Guild" forum.
My entry is called "Sperrfeuer!!!!".

I build up a little 60mm dio-scene. Five Grenadiers in full winter gear; four providing "Sperrfeuer" while one man is ordered out to find some harder target.

More pictures are here...:


Sonntag, 17. August 2014

This evenings workbench


from time to time it is not easy to handle projects.

These days quite different models enter my workbench (and my interest). Good news for me is these projects are all in a quite ready stage. Will meet up two of my wargaming friends in early September for a weekend of much desired enjoyment - so hurry up is the order of the day. During the next three weeks I need to finish up as much as possible. With best quality - hopefully.

So what do we have here...?
Quite in the center we have a resin-made Staghound from Cromwell. Bought this onehundret years ago during a convention in Surrey (as I recall). Do love Cromwell models; Theses kits claim to be made in Scotland. Of course worlds best drink is made in Scotland - so Cromwell models is obviously the second best product from this place in the world.

This (scottish) Staghound should join up my little UK force for wargaming northern europe. After base-painting, "decal-ling", and setting a "filter" I would say this one is ready for detailing. Would take my some days to finish this one.

On the right side we have two figures to complete my UK infantry force for gaming "Chain of Command". Three figures at last, one from Company Caesar, one from PSC and just for fun an old ESCI Para.

On the left side we have a couple of Germans from various sets. In the forground two mortar men from Comp Italeri. The German mediterranian Paras from Italeri a around for some years. Do like these poses very much and intended to have these men as Luftwaffe Fielddivision for the northern european theatre. These men could be a match for any allied infantry-group.

 The set on the far left is from a newer kit of Comp.  Zvezda.  Zvezda did a good job here with these "Elite" Germans. These guys wear the mid war smock.

I tried to have the camouflage in the green spring-scheme.....; Even in this early stage of building the figures look quite nice to me. Maybe they will make their way to the gaming table.