Donnerstag, 3. Juli 2014

Update British Platoon

just a quick update with my British 1:72 platoon.
The figures received a base painting with Vallejo paints and some basing. Would say they are in 70% ready stage and I am quite pleased so far. The Sten Gunner from PSC is still my favourite pose and he came out quite nice.
The Chain of Command ruleset suggests to give these figures "names and characters". To agree I would say it is much smarter to talk of "Sergeant Arthur Wilson" spearheading his men charging a German position then to talk from the "sreaming Sten Gunner from PSC" in the left corner of the table.

Master Sergeant Arthur Wilson:

A gunner with flamethrower and a companion with spade and Enfield rifle get nearly in a finished stage. These gentlemen came Caesar set.

I intend to use them as an alternative to the 2inch mortar. Guess they would fit nice in the command section. Have no names right now :-).

I am also quite pleased to build up this years first 1:72 tank. A Churchill tank from PSC. PSC did a fantastic job here this is a highly recommended kit. Thought this tank will be a nice addition to my british infantry platoon.


  1. Great model and paint job. I enjoyed building PSC's AVRE versions for a D-Day game we had earlier this year. Only built to table top standard, not as flash as your paintjob on this! Well done.