Montag, 28. Juli 2014

Loyd Carrier - more progress

the little Loyd Carrier project gets into final stage. Two vehicles were in the PSC box, two are now nearly ready.

This first Carrier is operated by Sergeant Nigel O´Hara and Lt. Richard Todd. Both veterans from the african campaign and both have a good instinct for trouble. O´Hara found a Panzerschreck near the landing beach and used it whenever required. The Carrier still holds the red-white-red recognition mark on the right side. Quite rare for 1944.

The second Carrier is driven by Corporal Henderson, a dock worker from Poole. Private Hanson is still a bit green and can´t leave his Enfield alone.

As said earlier PSC did an excellent construction job here. These little Carriers can turn out to quite little gems.

Would consider these Vehicles as "ready".  Next to come are the "6 Pounders".


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