Dienstag, 22. Juli 2014

in progress - Loyd Carrier and Crew

these days it is not easy to get in the mood with modelling. Would say we have another little heat wave here on the old continent and I found live much easier with cold Bavarian beer in the garden than sitting in the modellers room.

But ... well ... the good aspect of dry hot weather is fast drying glue and fast drying paint. Thought both could be a good companion with a fast building kit. Last evening I started my work on the little Loyd Carrier of Plastic Soldier Comp.. PSC promises fast building, easy to assemble kits. And yes (!) they are: Work was extremly fluent and paint drying-up within minutes.

The pictures present the Carrier after base-coating and setting the decals. I added a little "filter" of raw sienna oil mixed with water (still drying on the tracks while taking the pictures).

With some decals on side and front the little "Loyd" turned out to be nice start. There will be much more work (detailling, chipping, weathering...). I will add a crew of four and have some hopes they will fit in.



  1. Yep, summer is really affecting my modelling - I'd much rather be out.

    This is a really cute model. PSC seem to be getting better with every kit they release. Did the decals come with the PSC kit or are these from the 'scrap box'?

  2. Stephen, PSC is getting my favorite Modelling Comp. The "British and Commonwelth" offerings are excellent. No fitting nor detail problems. PSC offers no decals in the box but have a good variety as spare parts. Have not tried them out but my own ressources from the "scrap box" (YES!) are limited.

  3. This looks like a very neat piece of kit - now on my 'to buy' list. Thanks for this review!