Dienstag, 10. Juni 2014

Take me to the Matador

was away quite a while. Nearly a year has passed without a word.
Have just one apology here: Back in last years June I got a bad bad diagnostic. Lost much of my strenght during the following “cure”. Lost also all of my hair, some 25 Kilos of bodyweight (wich is not that bad) and my interest in painting and modelling. Would say have had no interest in anything. Even sleeping was a pain.

But… I am feeling much better these days. God is my friend. Would say i am "cured". Get back to office work in April, bought a folding-bike in May and spend some time in my hobby room last weekend.  I started a little Project on a model of a British „Matador“ truck. It is quite a little project: 15mm in modelling size, two sprues with some 25 parts, all snap-fit without any chemical glue. Company Zvezda gave us this little goody for some 3 Euros.

I took some pictures of my progress. More will come during the next days. Thank you.

The sprue. Only few parts. Will they fit? Will the fit glueless?

Some ten minutes in the game. All fits nice. A really fast-build.

Yes a fast-build. 32 minutes to get this one togehter.

Take me to the Matador
He will know just what it's for 
(Garland Jeffreys)


  1. That looks very nice and very sharp and detailed for a 15mm. I've become a big fan of Zvezda, they really do make good value for money kits.

  2. Stephen,
    thank you very much mate. Do like your 15mm Zvezda T-34. Cheers