Freitag, 20. Juni 2014

Chain of command - British Platoon Part 1


it was (as I recall) back in 1979 when "Wargaming" hits my live. We boyez tried our faith on "Avalon Hill". The game was "Squad leader" as I remember. Poor was our english then, little we understood but we played "war".
During the years "Rapid Fire!" is/was my game; I enjoyed it very much and played it as often as I can. These days I found a quite interesting (and new to me game) from the games smithy Toofatlardies: Chain of Command. A quite easy to learn and easy to play platoon level game. For me this game introduces personality of leaders. That fact is(was completely new to me. You will have certain leaders with individual background that directly influences leadership on the field of honor and the course of the game.

While reading the Chain of Command manual I noticed that I NEVER EVER build up a british infantry platoon. NEVER!!!!! My decision was quite spontaneous: Yes I will !!!! British infantry, all plastic, 20mm in size. I visited two local stores and bought (what I thought) all I need: A set of Revell British infantry. British infantry from Caesar and PSC. "Weapons" from HÄT.
Must say I am quite annoyed with my purchase... : Size does matter ! and NOTHING seems to fit together. Also the status of quality is quite drastic.... Here are some pictures for comparison:

In the center is British late war infantry from PSC. These figurines are OK but extremely small. Found them quite similar in size to the 1970s offerings from Matchbox. The green runner on the left is from HÄT; soft plastic, oversized heads, visible plastic seams. Ooooch.
The brown one is a Revell classic. Good details, good variety of poses but flat faces. Typical british nine food giants.

Next picture is Caesar versus PSC. Again size matters. And ... Caesar has good details, good sculpted faces, lovely poses,  but is smaller than Revell and HÄT. Strange.... We have a 1.000 sets of 1/72 German infantry and four sets of late war british infantry that DON´T fit together in size and quality. Poor.

Usually I would stop here and leave this alone ... well not this time.
I will build up a British late WW2 Platoon in full plastic. Will share the results here during the next weeks. Hope you will follow.


  1. Try and get the Italeri set and use it with the Caesar and Hat sets. The size should work fine together and should not be as visible.

  2. Ironically, you are finding with your 1/72 British what I found when I started looking for 1/72 Germans. There is very little standardisation DESPITE the fact that 1/72 is pretty clear about what height a typical human should be at this scale! There are groups of soldier from certain manufacturers that sort of match and can be used together. PSC and Valiant are at the 'tall' end of the range - Valiant are stupidly big, PSC soldiers are also 'well fed' shall we say. It's really annoying and cuts down the variety of poses you have in your army.

    I had the same problem with my Finnish Army, this time I chose 1/72 figure in the 'medium' height range and went with Pegasus and Ceasar (as they sort of matched). But had to buy numerous different makes just to find which ones matches (so have ended up with several boxes of soldiers I cannot use). Waste of money.

    Sorry - bit of a rant there!

  3. Greg, Stephen, thx a lot for the (kind) replay. Building up a decent Brit Force in 1/72 plastic will be a journey. No chance to get along without kitbashing. Would say UK/Commenwealth is one of the "niches" in 1/72 plastic. I really like to see sets with "BEF 1940", "Dads Army", Dieppe, Anzio, Navy Personal and so on. Noo british troops in wintergear ....
    Shall we start a business?
    Cheers Per