Dienstag, 24. Juni 2014

British Platoon - Platoon Command


had the chance to start up the work on my little British 20mm all plastic strike force.
Thought to start with the command section.
This consists of the platoon commander (Lieutenant), the platoon sergeant, two troopers for the PIAT team, and a two men 2" mortar team. 

I started with the Lieutenant and the Sergeant. The officer is slightly converted from the Caesars "Commondos" set. A simple "head-swap" that adds more authority. Do like his pose as I do like his  leather waistcoat.
The Sgt. is from the PSC set; this figurine is my favorite from the PSC set. Lovely dramatic pose.
I left him on his own base to smooth the "high" contrast a bit down. Will do this with all of the PSC offerings.

The next set of two is a mix up from Revell and PSC. Found the helmet casting of the Revell mortar man too poor to go along; so again a little head-swap helped out here.



  1. Excellent stuff Per! Looks like head swapping to improve PSC soldiers is the fashion! :)

    Your officer and Sgt. are terrific. As you say, very dramatic. Look forward to see how this project goes along.


  2. I too am following your progress with eager, super work so far.