Dienstag, 23. September 2014

Fun with Dunkel-Gelb


during the years I painted most of my German vehicles in a desert yellow tone. I was always quite pleased to work with Tamiya or Vallejo acrylics in combination with an airbrush.

During my wargaming trip to Danmark I noticed that most of my friends have givn´away their airbrush equipment in exchange to quite simple spray cans. These guys achieve excellent results with "Army Sprays" from PSC plus a chipping medium from company Citadel plus a decent water mixed wash from Vallejo. Quite simple, quite fast and quite convincing.

Back at my homeplace I thought to give this simplified technique a chance. I orderd a spray in "Dunkel-Gelb" a wash for dark yellow and a chipping medium for all the corners and edges of my vehicles.

I tried this technique on a "Puma" from Hasegawa and a Dragon scout car. Dunkel-Gelb is quite on the "green-side" of live but I found the results extrem interesting and worth a try. I like to share some of the results here.

Mittwoch, 10. September 2014

The truth is on the table


This evening I am booked on a flight to Denmark, to meet up some of my war gaming friends. We will stay together until Saturday evening and I´m looking forward for some real fun. Theme would be northern Europe in 1944. Usually my friends will come along with vast plastic armies; Don´t have anything to compare in size but thought to have two small task forces from each side with me. Both “battle-groups” are quite mobile and will do a good job in skirmishing, scouting and holding positions to some degree.

Just before leaving to airport I will share some images of my little battle groups.

My German “Kampfgruppe” was build around a half-track and a “Beute” Universal carrier; both from PSC. As mentioned in an earlier post the Sd.Kfz 251/22 receive its main gun from a (Roden) spare part; while Universal Carrier got its upgrade from the Sd.Kfz 251 of PSC.
Both vehicles come along with six Infantrymen, all from Company Italeri. YES they are Paratroopers but I painted them in the Luftwaffe Field Style. A Sniper, a mortar men, a machine gun…. Guess they could deliver some punch.

The British force is build around two Staghounds and two Lloyd Carriers (PSC). The Staghounds are from Company Cromwell, quite straightforward builds. The Lloyds will run in the Infantry carrying role; most prominent is the Lloyd carrier with Sergeant Nigel O´Hara and Lt. Richard Todd. Beware: These guys don´t have the recently found Panzerschreck for decoration.
The vehicles are accompanied by a small group of grimy berserks. These men are from PSC and Company Caesar. Would say the fit together quite good.


Mittwoch, 3. September 2014

Sd.Kfz 251/22 -WIP-


Plastic Soldier Comp. is around with two reliable kits of a fast-building Sd.Kfz. 251.
These kits/sets offer the most common sub-versions of the 251 half-track, a flame version, the "Stummel", etc..
Not gettable from PSC is the 251/22, a late-war 7.5mm PaK-upgrade of the half-track. Never mind! Over the years I stored a quite nice 7.5mm PaK 40 from Comp. Roden in the spare box.  And ... this gun fits just perfectly into the half-track.
My rendition of the 251/22 is getting in a ready stage. Looks quite convincing to me. Again PSC made a good job.


Freitag, 22. August 2014



I am joining another competition in the wargamers "Guild" forum.
My entry is called "Sperrfeuer!!!!".

I build up a little 60mm dio-scene. Five Grenadiers in full winter gear; four providing "Sperrfeuer" while one man is ordered out to find some harder target.

More pictures are here...:



Sonntag, 17. August 2014

This evenings workbench


from time to time it is not easy to handle projects.

These days quite different models enter my workbench (and my interest). Good news for me is these projects are all in a quite ready stage. Will meet up two of my wargaming friends in early September for a weekend of much desired enjoyment - so hurry up is the order of the day. During the next three weeks I need to finish up as much as possible. With best quality - hopefully.

So what do we have here...?
Quite in the center we have a resin-made Staghound from Cromwell. Bought this onehundret years ago during a convention in Surrey (as I recall). Do love Cromwell models; Theses kits claim to be made in Scotland. Of course worlds best drink is made in Scotland - so Cromwell models is obviously the second best product from this place in the world.

This (scottish) Staghound should join up my little UK force for wargaming northern europe. After base-painting, "decal-ling", and setting a "filter" I would say this one is ready for detailing. Would take my some days to finish this one.

On the right side we have two figures to complete my UK infantry force for gaming "Chain of Command". Three figures at last, one from Company Caesar, one from PSC and just for fun an old ESCI Para.

On the left side we have a couple of Germans from various sets. In the forground two mortar men from Comp Italeri. The German mediterranian Paras from Italeri a around for some years. Do like these poses very much and intended to have these men as Luftwaffe Fielddivision for the northern european theatre. These men could be a match for any allied infantry-group.

 The set on the far left is from a newer kit of Comp.  Zvezda.  Zvezda did a good job here with these "Elite" Germans. These guys wear the mid war smock.

I tried to have the camouflage in the green spring-scheme.....; Even in this early stage of building the figures look quite nice to me. Maybe they will make their way to the gaming table.


Montag, 28. Juli 2014

Loyd Carrier - more progress

the little Loyd Carrier project gets into final stage. Two vehicles were in the PSC box, two are now nearly ready.

This first Carrier is operated by Sergeant Nigel O´Hara and Lt. Richard Todd. Both veterans from the african campaign and both have a good instinct for trouble. O´Hara found a Panzerschreck near the landing beach and used it whenever required. The Carrier still holds the red-white-red recognition mark on the right side. Quite rare for 1944.

The second Carrier is driven by Corporal Henderson, a dock worker from Poole. Private Hanson is still a bit green and can´t leave his Enfield alone.

As said earlier PSC did an excellent construction job here. These little Carriers can turn out to quite little gems.

Would consider these Vehicles as "ready".  Next to come are the "6 Pounders".


Dienstag, 22. Juli 2014

in progress - Loyd Carrier and Crew

these days it is not easy to get in the mood with modelling. Would say we have another little heat wave here on the old continent and I found live much easier with cold Bavarian beer in the garden than sitting in the modellers room.

But ... well ... the good aspect of dry hot weather is fast drying glue and fast drying paint. Thought both could be a good companion with a fast building kit. Last evening I started my work on the little Loyd Carrier of Plastic Soldier Comp.. PSC promises fast building, easy to assemble kits. And yes (!) they are: Work was extremly fluent and paint drying-up within minutes.

The pictures present the Carrier after base-coating and setting the decals. I added a little "filter" of raw sienna oil mixed with water (still drying on the tracks while taking the pictures).

With some decals on side and front the little "Loyd" turned out to be nice start. There will be much more work (detailling, chipping, weathering...). I will add a crew of four and have some hopes they will fit in.


Donnerstag, 3. Juli 2014

Update British Platoon

just a quick update with my British 1:72 platoon.
The figures received a base painting with Vallejo paints and some basing. Would say they are in 70% ready stage and I am quite pleased so far. The Sten Gunner from PSC is still my favourite pose and he came out quite nice.
The Chain of Command ruleset suggests to give these figures "names and characters". To agree I would say it is much smarter to talk of "Sergeant Arthur Wilson" spearheading his men charging a German position then to talk from the "sreaming Sten Gunner from PSC" in the left corner of the table.

Master Sergeant Arthur Wilson:

A gunner with flamethrower and a companion with spade and Enfield rifle get nearly in a finished stage. These gentlemen came Caesar set.

I intend to use them as an alternative to the 2inch mortar. Guess they would fit nice in the command section. Have no names right now :-).

I am also quite pleased to build up this years first 1:72 tank. A Churchill tank from PSC. PSC did a fantastic job here this is a highly recommended kit. Thought this tank will be a nice addition to my british infantry platoon.

Dienstag, 24. Juni 2014

British Platoon - Platoon Command


had the chance to start up the work on my little British 20mm all plastic strike force.
Thought to start with the command section.
This consists of the platoon commander (Lieutenant), the platoon sergeant, two troopers for the PIAT team, and a two men 2" mortar team. 

I started with the Lieutenant and the Sergeant. The officer is slightly converted from the Caesars "Commondos" set. A simple "head-swap" that adds more authority. Do like his pose as I do like his  leather waistcoat.
The Sgt. is from the PSC set; this figurine is my favorite from the PSC set. Lovely dramatic pose.
I left him on his own base to smooth the "high" contrast a bit down. Will do this with all of the PSC offerings.

The next set of two is a mix up from Revell and PSC. Found the helmet casting of the Revell mortar man too poor to go along; so again a little head-swap helped out here.