Mittwoch, 3. April 2013

Plastic Soldier Comp.: PaK 97/38 75mm


yesterday evening good some parcel from UK with the new(ish) PaK 38 from Plastic Soldier Comp. Could not resist this lovely set and start some work on the (french) PaK 97/38 75mm.
PSC did a fantanstic job here. Few parts of good hard plastic, options for two different guns (50mm Pak 38 / 75 mm Pak 97/38), ammunition boxes, decent gunners ... thanks a lot PSC.

Spent some two hours of work on this. All is still a bit of work in progress with some details missing - but ... I do like that. The muzzle - break looks extremly good. Had the ACE version of this specific gun somewhere in the stock and definitely will give it in the BAY.

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