Sonntag, 17. März 2013

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after all those Soviets I have the deep wish to go out for different.

These days I am going to build up a small German battlegroup that could encouter some of the Soviets. My idea is to have a fast and hard-hitting force that consist of some armoured cars, some halftracks, some infantry and at least some AT vehicle.

This battle-group should run for late war 44/45. 

I started with some 5 infantry men. These men are from the Caesar range plus one converted "Gebirgsjager" from Zvesda.

Have some small conversions here. The Faustnik was original wearing some skis on his shoulder. I removed them and gave him a Panzerfaust.

Also put a heavy armed car from the SdKfz 234 range on the workbech. It ´s a model from Hasegawa and I am quite pleased so far. Fitting was somehow complex but much better than thought. The car is painted with Humbrol Acrylics (from the can). The camo was done with Vallejo colours. Decals came from the Hase-set.

Still much to do.


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