Freitag, 8. März 2013

Kaiserschlacht 1918 - The Guild


after all those Soviets during the last weeks I thought to have a small break. Was a real break and it was  more intense than I hoped. Joined another group-build on the "Guild".
This time the job was "recreate a photo" - and thats what I did.
Here is the text and the two pictures.
Cheers Per


the Great War has always been a topic of extreme interest for me. I´m quite lucky to have some of these old antique books and magazines that claim to feature this topic. One of those books is "Der Krieg in Wort und Bild" published by "Deutsches Verlagshaus Bong & Co., Berlin W 57".
This publication was based on a periodical (eventually monthly) magazine with battlefield-pictures, maps, painting and accounts. A quite nice source for historians and ... for modellers to recreate a photo scene.

This photo here was obviously taken during the offensive of march 1918. The sub-text says ...: Der Deutsche Vorstoß zwischen Montdidier und Noyon. Maschinengewehre werden in einem zerschossenen Hause in Stellung gebracht". Never get quite familiar with German language (although I live in Germany during the last two decades) but I would translate this as: The German attack between Montdidier and Noyon. Machinguns were brought in position in a shattered house.
Personally I won´t call this a "shattered house". Would guess this is more like a breach in some sort of rail-related installment. There is a signalling bridge in the background. Hm.... but who cares.

A quite dramatic picture with six infantry men making their way through a breach. Two of them carry german machine guns.

And ... here is my rendition of this WW1 picture:

The soldiers are taken from several sets. Revell, Ceasar, Preiser and lots of Preiser parts. Except the Caesar in the foreground I modified all of them - mostly by changing the helmets.

Was an extrem fun to do this. Thanks alot to the "Guild" for having this exciting group-build theme.



  1. Oh, well done! A fine model version of the photograph. Top marks!