Freitag, 22. März 2013

Panzer Aufklaerungs Abteilung (Pz. AA) #2


for my Panzer Aufklärungs Abteilung (Pz. AA) I have two vehicles now on the run.

What do we have here?
First to come a SdKfz 234/3, heavy eight-wheel car from Hasegawa. Have never ever thought to get familiar with Co. Hasegawa but must say fitting was pefect. No (!) fast build but lovely with some "lost in translation" funnies in the box instruction.

The second one is a 251/9 from Revell. Fantastic set. Highly recommended.
Gave this gunny a winter-white wash with Humbrol acrylics. The chippings are done with salt.
Used some water-mixeable oils for the fading and weathering.

Both figures come from the TQD, the Ardennes -Set as I recall.

Both vehicles share the same 75mm Stummel gun. Will run them in the 5. Co (Heavy) of my Pz. AA.
There will be three or four vehicles for each Co. 


Sonntag, 17. März 2013

Pz. Aufklaerungs Abteilung (1)


after all those Soviets I have the deep wish to go out for different.

These days I am going to build up a small German battlegroup that could encouter some of the Soviets. My idea is to have a fast and hard-hitting force that consist of some armoured cars, some halftracks, some infantry and at least some AT vehicle.

This battle-group should run for late war 44/45. 

I started with some 5 infantry men. These men are from the Caesar range plus one converted "Gebirgsjager" from Zvesda.

Have some small conversions here. The Faustnik was original wearing some skis on his shoulder. I removed them and gave him a Panzerfaust.

Also put a heavy armed car from the SdKfz 234 range on the workbech. It ´s a model from Hasegawa and I am quite pleased so far. Fitting was somehow complex but much better than thought. The car is painted with Humbrol Acrylics (from the can). The camo was done with Vallejo colours. Decals came from the Hase-set.

Still much to do.


Donnerstag, 14. März 2013

The Guild Group Build 2013 (10)


here is the next update.
More Soviets enter the field of glory. Please note these men are WIP. The faces are only base primed and the bases in the first stage of work. So... much more work for me. Otherwise I was quite pleased with the outcame that I could not resist to place them on the battlefield-table and take some pictures.

These men are taken from several sets. Soviet Infantry from Zvesda, Soviet Paras from Zvesda, Soviet Infantry from Preiser with some conversions. And finally a lovely figure from CP with some suprising explosives.

Much more work.

Freitag, 8. März 2013

Kaiserschlacht 1918 - The Guild


after all those Soviets during the last weeks I thought to have a small break. Was a real break and it was  more intense than I hoped. Joined another group-build on the "Guild".
This time the job was "recreate a photo" - and thats what I did.
Here is the text and the two pictures.
Cheers Per


the Great War has always been a topic of extreme interest for me. I´m quite lucky to have some of these old antique books and magazines that claim to feature this topic. One of those books is "Der Krieg in Wort und Bild" published by "Deutsches Verlagshaus Bong & Co., Berlin W 57".
This publication was based on a periodical (eventually monthly) magazine with battlefield-pictures, maps, painting and accounts. A quite nice source for historians and ... for modellers to recreate a photo scene.

This photo here was obviously taken during the offensive of march 1918. The sub-text says ...: Der Deutsche Vorstoß zwischen Montdidier und Noyon. Maschinengewehre werden in einem zerschossenen Hause in Stellung gebracht". Never get quite familiar with German language (although I live in Germany during the last two decades) but I would translate this as: The German attack between Montdidier and Noyon. Machinguns were brought in position in a shattered house.
Personally I won´t call this a "shattered house". Would guess this is more like a breach in some sort of rail-related installment. There is a signalling bridge in the background. Hm.... but who cares.

A quite dramatic picture with six infantry men making their way through a breach. Two of them carry german machine guns.

And ... here is my rendition of this WW1 picture:

The soldiers are taken from several sets. Revell, Ceasar, Preiser and lots of Preiser parts. Except the Caesar in the foreground I modified all of them - mostly by changing the helmets.

Was an extrem fun to do this. Thanks alot to the "Guild" for having this exciting group-build theme.


Freitag, 1. März 2013

The guild - build up 2012 (9)


at least I managed to build up the KV 1 flame-thowwing tank. Was an extrem fun to build up these little PST/Trumpeter gem and ... well this on is truely a fun build I deeeeeeply recommend to you guys.

Well as this one is a "specialist tank" with some specialist role I thought it should have a quite special opponet. Build up -just for fun- a little german pillbox that was obviously installed in some urban rubble....
Here are the pictures and I hope you have your fun.