Sonntag, 24. Februar 2013

The guild - 2013 build (8)


these days I am working on (at least) two KV 1 tanks that run around in a flame-throwing role. Managed to build up a nice little "Frankentank" - a mix up of Eastern Express parts and pieces from a Trumpeter KV set. This one came up quite nice.

Tried it a bit more on the comic/pulp way with extremly damaged mud-guards and deeply sloping tracks. Ever thought the whole KV series is a bit on the comic/pulp side.... Is´nt it? Slow movn steal-monsters with bolted-on armour, turrets like castle-towers, patriotic markings...
NO way. Thought this vehicle should get some company by true pulp warriors. Have a nice little set of soviet naval-infantry by Co. CP. These guys look just pulpy enough for the KV. Gave them a machine-gunner from Zvesda - just for the extra shot.


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