Sonntag, 27. Januar 2013

The Guild - project 2013 (2)


as written earlier I joined this years "the guild" project build.
My idea is to work on late war winter Soviets - just to have respectable "foes" for my "Oder-Germans".
Started out with some infantry and worked on at least three sets: Zvesda Scouts, Revell´s "Sibirians" and my all time favored Italeri "Winter Soviets". The Revell set is of nice topic with those "Biathlon" Ski-hunters. But... the sprue and figures don´t follow todays quality standards. We have much flash on the sprue, the figures are a bit flat and the faces are live-less.
Having the Zvesda Scouts at home I came to the idea to place them on the skis from the Revell-set.

Was quite placed with the results.
Here are some of the pictures... more on the website from "The guild".



  1. Very nice work, Birk. The gray shade on the snow suits looks good, and I like the scenery in your photos. Nice idea to use the skis from the Revell set. I have that set and have never touched it.
    Good stuff.