Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2013

Battlegroup Oder #6b (AK-AK)


some 15 years back I build up the Airfix ´88 gun. Was not realy pleased with that gunny but hold it for some years. Last year Zvesda came out with a new rendition of this multi-purpose weapon. Bought it last week and could not resist to build it up immediately.
I´m speechless. What a goddess of a gun.  Zvesda did a perfect job here. No comparison to the upmentioned Aifix ´88.
Well... what do we have here? First of all: A snap-fit, no-glue, fast-build model. Extremly welcome for the wargamer. Second: A highly sophisticated model, good shaped, lots of details, perfect fitting. This one cold turn out into a piece of art. Third: Costs of 8 Euros for a perfect multi-purpose gun plus four operating gunners. Got it?

Well ... beside any enthusiasm...: Had much fun here. This Zvesda ´88 is highly recommended.
The gun is hand-painted with Vallejo paints. The gun shield recieved a white wash in the hairspray way. I used the plastic base that came along with Zvesda kit. Mother nature was brought to me by Silfloor and Woodland. The snow is baking-powder.

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