Sonntag, 13. Januar 2013

Battlegroup Oder #6a (Regimental Artillery)

the battlegroup is growing. Slowly but steady. We have Grenadiers, we have StuG´s, we have "what if support" and we will have tanks. Like many other Battlegroups this (my) unit won´t have any Artillery on it´s own. But ... there is always Divisional and Regimental support. Yes there nice guys around that will give you the extra punch - when needed.  In this case we will have some Regimental Arty support. Those men from the Reg. will give what they can effort. We will see a mixed group of plain Artillery Guns plus AT-Guns (HE able). We will also see a mixture of transport... from horse limbers to FAMO heavies.

During the last weeks I collect some kits that would look nice for a mixed up artillery unit. Have around the 105mm from Armourfast and Revell, a vehicle from Co. Ace plus the Trumpeter FAMO for transport. I also have the nice Zvesda ´88 that will give the extra AT punch. Figures will be taken from the Zvesda "Ak-AK" set, from the Preiser AT-gunners and from the Revell gunners. Would say I have enough for a good start - but eventually more would come along (Looking for some havieer Revell guns plus some Opel Blitz for transport).
I suppose this will be at least a four weeks project as I did not have any experience with Ace kits (the "French" Pionierwagen P 107) nor with the Trumpeter FAMO (wich has eventually toooooo many parts for me). Please stay tuned.


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  1. Looking forward to this build my friend. I have bought the Revell horse artillery as well so will be interested to see how you paint the horses. Good luck!