Donnerstag, 10. Januar 2013

Battlegroup Oder #5 (StuG Coy finished)


quite pleased to finish my StuG company. This company concists of three vehicles. Well .... must say this was an intense work during the last weeks but I am quite pleased to have these Sturmis ready. These three guns belong to the best I have made during the last months and I am quite proud to encounter my wargaming friends with these. Wanted to have these tanks like old veterans guns and I guess they look alike.
Found it quite interesting to have
a) a high priced Dragon StuH 42
b) a mid priced Revell StuG 40
c) a low to no priced PSC StuG G
on the workbench. Nice comparison. Can´t find much difference here. The Dragon StuH45 is fantastic.... but there are too many fidly parts for a wargamer (like me). This one is just right for for the in-scaler. The Revell StuG is perfect. During the years I build up many Revell vehicles. Must say I get a bit partial.... Revell is fantanstic. The fast-build PSC is also fantastic. In wargaming you can´t go out with PSC. Three vehicles for the price of one Dragon tank. I guess ... that´s it. The track of the StuG is a bit poor. HHHmmm not quite pleased. But the shape, details and size are convincing. I am really going to like PSC.


  1. Nice work on all three models. I put one of those Dragon strumis together last year and I agree with you, they are too much work and too many parts for wargaming models. I need to get some of the PSC kits.
    I like all those pictures but the last one is the best, I think.
    Good luck to your strumis in battle!

  2. Very nice. I have a couple of boxes of the Armourfast sturmis for my Finnish Assault Gun Battalion and am looking forward to putting them together. Got some very good ideas for the weathering from these posts. Thanks.

  3. Good work! In those pictures you actually can't tell which StuG is which. I only recognize the PSC because I just recently built three myself.

  4. Gentlemen, thanks a lot for the kind words. Quite encouraging. Will do my best with upcomming posts.