Dienstag, 25. Dezember 2012

Battlegroup Oder (StuG´s) 2#

today is Christmas and I like to say MERY CHRISTMAS to all you guys.
Well - may I be allowed to add a quite personal note: These last days have been some of my best christmas days during the last years. Both of my brothers -Staffan and Ake- came here with their wifes to meet up my own family for some days. We don´t meet quite often...
Grown up on the Swedish Kattegat coast we all left home some 25 years ago just to find a new place somewhere on this planet. Ake is with British Petrol (now in the Gulf); Staffan still in Sweden and a Malmo lawyer man; myself an engineer in Berlin, Germany. Strange... living in this globalized world is strange.

Back to modelling:
I managed to build up at least two StuG´s these days. A StuG howitzer 42 from the Dragon range and a StuG 40 from Revell. Having these two modells together I must say I am quite partial with Revell. The Revell StuG is a bit simplified (only a bit) but every part went together fantastic. Even in it´s winter white wash it looks extremly convincing. Highly recommended.
The Dragon is.... OK. High priced (18 Euros), many fiddly parts and I dislike the Dragen PE track wich tends to break up fast. Anyway both are fine and both made the first armoured vehicles for my Oder Battlegroup. At least on more StuG will come up to complete a StuG squad ot three vehicles.

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