Samstag, 29. Dezember 2012

Battlegroup Oder #3 (StuH 45)


one of the joys of modelling late war German armys are prototypes, Kummersdorf-Funnies, Frankentanks ... no idea how you would like to name these German "what ifs".
Here is modell that is totaly what if: The Sturmhaubitze StuH 45. This machine is a mix up of "Kleine schwere Panzer" from Pegasus and some parts from the StuG G set of Plastic Soldier Comp. (PSC).  Pegasus gave the modell some strange "Schürzen" that had to be re-move. Otherwise it is a fantastic modell. I painted it up with Vallejo colours (brush paint) plus a random hair-spray white wash (Tamiya) plus a pin point wash with GW inks. Foud it quite lovely.

For wargaming....
When playing the German side I have the idea to give them every third or fourth turn the opportunity to have some random prototypes as reinforcement. This StuH 45 will be one of those protos. Some more will come up.

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