Donnerstag, 20. Dezember 2012

Battlegroup Oder #1

My wargaming friends and I decided to meet up for another gaming weekend. It is some kind of tradition for us to meet on the last weekend of march.
We usualy play Rapid Fire! but these days we are alle hyperinfected by "Battlegroup Kursk" and thought to give this a try. Theme would be the fightings along the river Oder during Februar 1945.
We will have some research during the nexts months, but much of building and rebuilding during the next months.

These days I finished up my first platoon of germans. Some of these are seen here before, they are 20mm and from the CP, TQD and Caesar range. As these "men" dislike walking through the winter wounder land they were givn an Opel Blitz. Obviously this truck was intended to the white-helmet elite but who cares these days?

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