Donnerstag, 15. November 2012

CP Miniatures

Had much time last evening (and early night). Some seven hours to be exactly with my wife and the girls gone away to meet up some of their friends and me at home with a set of two "white-metals" from CP Models (of Leicestershire). Tried to have these men in an autumn/winter camo scheme. Placed them in the birch alley for some photo-shots.

These CP minis are on the small side (1:76????) - more Airfix-sized than I like. But... what I truly enjoy about them is their "pulpy" appearance. They look like comic items. Nice... Realy nice.
Hope to have more of these "lone" evenings.


  1. Gentleman,
    thanks a lot and cheers

  2. I have a few CP models myself. Most of the time I like them. You are right, they do have a pulp flavour, though some of the castings are rather crude. You did a nice job on the camo here.

    I hope you will have a look at this link and be pleased. It seems your blog has won an award. :)
    Cheers, Mike