Donnerstag, 5. Juli 2012

AB Figures: Entrenchend British infantry

Must admit that I never ever painted up white metal figures. Some days back I mailed a good friend and told him I´m around to build up a British normandy fighting group for wargaming. He send me some of these AB figures and got my promise to have these figures back when I am through with gaming British normandy.
Was quite excited with this offer and... was much more exited having these little gems in my hand. Primed these figures with GW black and painted them with a mixture of GW / Vallejo colours. These AB figures are totally different from anything I´ve seen or worked on in plastic. Thumps up. They come up realy nice and I wonder if these competing white metal comp. like TQD miniatures are as good as these. Will invest more time and money on white metal.


  1. I have a few AB figures and they are awesome. THey would mix nicely with TQD figures as they are the same size and the same quality casting overall, though AB are a little better in my opinion. In fact, I have this entrenched British set in my waiting to paint pile.
    Yours look really fine.

  2. Mike, Padre, thanks a lot. TQD is much better availeable here on the old continent. TQD will be my next choice. The Commando sets look just great.