Sonntag, 20. Mai 2012

Armourfast LeFH 18 -Group Build- 2#

Here is the next update on the Armourfast howitzer.
The gun is now in a nearly finished condition. Some more detailling was done with a sharp but extrem soft pencil to have a metallic effect. In comparison I build up the Zvezda rendition of that gun. The Zvezda is much shorter in terms of lenght. And.. I dislike the muzzle break of the Zvezda wich turns out too impressive and completly out of scale.  
In all the Armourfast version of the light howitzer came out quite nice. Was a pleasure to work on it. Wish to have some more details s.a. turning wheels for the crew - but for a quick shoot / wargaming model it is a decent gun.


  1. Beautiful built Birk ! My compliments.
    Great work on the ground too ! Hoping to see soon all the crew painted.


  2. It's going really well, I'm still collecting a suitable crew for mine. I think the model looks good when its complete though it's a little tricky to put together (the instructions weren't much help). :)

  3. Stephen, hope to see your progress on the Armorfast Forum. Thought its not easy to get a decent suomi crew. maybe a mixture of different sets will help:
    Zvezda 88´ Crew, Pegasus Mortar crew, some men from the old but perfect revell crew.