Sonntag, 20. Mai 2012

Armourfast LeFH 18 -Group Build- 2#

Here is the next update on the Armourfast howitzer.
The gun is now in a nearly finished condition. Some more detailling was done with a sharp but extrem soft pencil to have a metallic effect. In comparison I build up the Zvezda rendition of that gun. The Zvezda is much shorter in terms of lenght. And.. I dislike the muzzle break of the Zvezda wich turns out too impressive and completly out of scale.  
In all the Armourfast version of the light howitzer came out quite nice. Was a pleasure to work on it. Wish to have some more details s.a. turning wheels for the crew - but for a quick shoot / wargaming model it is a decent gun.

Freitag, 11. Mai 2012

Armourfast LeFH 18 -Group Build-

Some days back Armourfast gave us new quick build model of the German light howitzer LeFH 18.
We had this artillery piece from Zvesda and also from Revell.
On the Armourfast Forum we had a debate on this new kit plus a group.

Now here is my rendition of the Armourfast gun.

Quite a quick build. 13 piece of hard plastic with the ability to break quite unexpected. So take care while getting the parts out of the sprue. The instruction sheet is quite basic -- so much try and error while assembling.

This gun is intendend for the mediterranian theater.
I primed the howitzer with panzer grey. Plus a much faded dark sand cote. This was followed with a light wash of sepia. All is still in progress. Lots of details to paint.