Sonntag, 22. April 2012

Tankograd 3#

Here is the next update on the SU 100.

The gun barrel arrived just in time ;) . I bought it from ts-modellbau, Dortmund, Germany.

It is a perfect replace of the Dragon made barrel - - that I lost during the years for reasons unknown.

I painted the tank with Tamiya dark green. No mixing this time just the plain colour.
The faded white-wash was applied the "hairspray way". Here I used Tamiya white on no name hairspray. The white was applied with a cosmetic sponge - wich gives a nice random effect.
After drying and fixing with dull coate I gave the model a pin-point wash with sepia and black inks from the Games Workshop range. Must say I dislike the smell of these inks.
Finally I did some highlights with a sharp (soft) pencil and some edging with extreme dry steel colour from the Vallejo range.

My conclusion:
This was one of the best kits of Co. Dragon I have ever build. All parts get nice together. Was a long project but a real pleasure to build.


  1. very nice finish.. big model !

    I added in my favourite bllogs..


    1. Merhaba Erhan,

      thanks a lot for your nice words.

  2. Hi Birk,
    a nice gesture :

    thank you...