Dienstag, 3. April 2012

Tankograd 2# (meets Frankentank)

This one here is another T 34 - but here with the much more powerfull ´85mm gun.
I build this vehicle as a "Frankentank" with parts from the Plastic Soldier Company chassis. The turret was taken from the sparebox (a Trumpeter part) and the main gun was a spare part from a Revell T 34/85. The handles are brass wire.

The red-flag bearer is a modified soviet tankrider from HaT Industries. The flag is done with thin rolled green stuff.

The modell was hand painted with dilluted Tamiya acrylics and washed with inks from the Games Workshop range. The T 34/85 with turret number "183" was somehow famous...: It was visible on Berlin / May 1945 pictures and took eventuelly part in the fightings around Moltebrücke.

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  1. Excellent stuff! I'm just working on my PSC T-34/85s at the moment and replacing the turret isn't an option I had, but I wish I had!