Freitag, 27. April 2012

Panzer III in-build comparison. #1

These days I started an in-build comparision of the Panzer III offerings from Revell and Dragon.

During the years Revells Panzer III was my all time favour. This model was always easy to build with nice opportunities to upgrade in several directions. Revell has two releases on the market: The "L" version and the "M" Version with side armour "Schürzen" (and a different exhaust).

Some days back Company Dragon came up with their rendition of the Panzer III. As far as I see, they have the "L" Version and an "M" Version for the mediterranian theater on market.

For my little in-build comparison I have Revell´s "M" and Dragons "L" on the workbench. Please keep in mind: These modells are intended for wargaming - so no rivet counting here.

Chassis and wheels:
Both models are quite similar to build up. Very easy. But here is the first difference: The Dragon parts (eg. the wheels) look extremly sharp and perfectly rendered. Would give Dragon a 10 of 10 and Revell a 9 of 10.

On the Revell Modell I installed Winterketten of Company MACO.  These tank-tracks are fanstatic to work with. Deeply recommended.

What will be next? As seen in the pictures I started to work on the turrets. Neither is ready, so this comparision will bee continued with the turrets.

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