Mittwoch, 7. März 2012

Franken'tank #1

Somedays back my friend Jason from Dorset gave me a spare parts box as a present. This box is full of 1:72 and HO/OO stuff: Incomplete kits, sprues, figurines -  a real jewell-box.
I found parts from a T 34, ISU/SU 152 tank, parts from Tigers, Panthers, Jagdpanzers.

These are all spare parts and some sleepless night I gambled around with these parts. I was searching for whatever - when Dr.  Frankensteyn looked over my shoulder and forced me to create ....
a Franken´tank.

 So what do we have here?
  • The hull is obviously a ISU 152 from supposably Italeri.
  • The suspension is from Revell. Tiger I
  • The wheels belong to a Tiger I obviously made by Revell and eventually Hasegawa (grey parts).
  • The tracks are Tiger I (guess) fully bad vinyl - so eventually Hasegawa
  • The on board-machine gun is a Tiger or Panzer IV spare part
  • The main gun is the blind spot. I suppose it is a 128 mm gun made for Hunting Tiger / Tiger II.
    • It is a clear grey PE part, obviously of Dragon origin.

All these parts fit together somehow very well - with the tracks as the only real flaw.
It looks strange but Dr. Frankensteyns creature was strange too.
More to come....?

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